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Transparency International (TI) present in more than 100 countries including Mongolia. Its main effort as stated in its official website directed to stir the world’s collective conscience and bring about change. The main achievements of the TI in following areas:

  • the creation of international anti-corruption conventions
  • the prosecution of corrupt leaders and seizures of their illicitly gained riches
  • national elections won and lost on tackling corruption
  • Companies held accountable for their behavior both at home and abroad.


IAAC’s cooperation with TI dates back in 2000 when TI provided its support for anti-corruption activities initiated and implemented by law enforcement agencies (Mongolian Government) and trainings for the agency’s staff in order to strengthening their capacity.

The cooperation initiative between Independent Authority against Corruption of Mongolia (IAAC) and TI started on April, 2013 and formalized the cooperation by establishing the Memorandum of Understanding on the Action Plan to prevent corruption in Mongolia on August, 2013.

According to the Action Plan on prevention of corruption parties agreed to concentrate on the following activity:

  • Prevention of corruption in the private sector


  • to conduct a research on corruption, bureaucracy, conflict of interest in the private sector and develop recommendations on prevention
  • to conduct necessary training on prevention and awareness
  • to review private sector laws and regulations whether there is conditions encouraging corruption and to develop proposal
  • to develop, implement, encourage and promote the private-sector standard code of ethics
  • Protection of whistleblowers
  • to learn from practical experiences of other countries on protecting whistleblowers and to inform and train IAAC and other organizations
  • to study Mongolian legislation on the protection of whistleblowers and to develop recommendations
  • Public awareness


  • to conduct impact assessment on the public awareness activities of IAAC and to develop joint Action Plan
  • to translate documentaries and short films related to corruption and conflict of interest and to broadcast on the television channels
  • to prepare guidelines and handout related to corruption and conflict of interest for children and students
  • to organize training on investigative journalism for journalists
  • Prevention of corruption in particular public sector


    • to conduct research to strengthen the mechanisms to prevent conflicts of interest and corruption in the public procurement and to develop recommendations
    • to implement measures on prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption in the mining sector.

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