Integrity assessment report

2016/06/17  7141   0

Integrity assessment report was provided by the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia to public officials of government bodies. The integrity assessment is based on external and internal integrity of organizations and resolutions made by participants to the policy.

A total of 4340 units participated in the collection of the integrity assessment and in the integrity assessment 2330 citizens and representatives of economic entities, organizations participated in the external integrity assessment, 1390 public officials participated in the internal integrity assessment and 620 experts in the policy assessment.

During the integrity assessment report, Mrs. D.Dulamsuren, Head of the Research and Analysis Division, asked participants to apply the assessment report to increase integrity, transparency and accountability in their organizations and decrease corruption and bureaucracy in public service.

Government organizations received an average of 73.8 points from a total 100 points in the integrity assessment. In particular, ministries received an average of 72.4 points, Ministry of Construction and Urban development 65.8, Ministry of Health and Sports 66.1, Ministry of Road and Transport 69.0 and the Ministry of Environment, Green development and Tourism received the lowest 69.3.

Agencies under the Government received an average of 75.5 points, Specialized inspection agency 67.3, Mineral resource agency 68.2, Customs agency 68.9 and the Tax agency received the lowest 69.2.

Administrations under the Metropolitan and Provincial governors received an average of 72.9, Bayan-Ulgii province administration 65.5, Zavkhan province administration 66.2, Dundgovi province administration 66.6 and the Umnugovi province administration received the lowest 67.6.

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