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Citizens must be well aware of their duty to report for the sake of the public interest. But there are some cases that when reporting or addressing to any organizations or officials, inappropriate issues are not reported for fear of intimidation or harassment. Countries around the world have decided on this issue for enacting whistleblower protection law. Our country should follow this standard. To fulfill its obligations as a member of the UN Convention against Corruption, the National Anti-Corruption Program of Mongolia includes providing the legal environment to protect whistleblowers.

Between 1987-2018, 27 countries have approved the Whistleblower protection law. It shows the increasing tendency to recognize that whistleblowing is an important component of preventing and fighting corruption.

Transparency International surveyed corruption with nearly 20 thousand participants from Asia and the Pacific region, asking “What is the most effective thing you can do to fight corruption?”. The most of respondents (22%) said “Report corruption when you see or experience it” and 21% said, “Refuse to pay bribes”. When asked “What is the main reason for not reporting corruption?”, the most of respondents 36% (22% of respondents from Mongolia) said, “People are afraid of the consequences”. According to the report of surveys conducted by international organizations, it is estimated that less than 10 percent of all corruption cases are reported.

 If the Law on the Protection of Whistleblower is approved, it will be an effective tool to protect the public interest, fighting corruption, ensure freedom of speech and the right to information, and increasing legal awareness and accountability. Not only is it important to create a legal environment, but It is also crucial to increase trust in law enforcement. On the other hand, the result will be achieved through a comprehensive implementation of legal and psychological counseling for citizens and the capacity building of relevant authorities.

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