Corruption index report 2013: Mongolia

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Corruption index report 2013: Mongolia

Countries from all over the world are emphasizing corruption as ill event threatening socio-economic stability, deteriorating democratic systems, ethical values justice and damaging sustainable development and law and order.

Mongolia has been consistently fighting against corruption. Countries and international organizations have been highly valuing anticorruption measures and activities Mongolia has been implementing and the corruption index of Mongolia has been declining for the past two years according to the comparatives analysis of countries’ indexes.

While the level of corruption in Mongolia is evaluated by international organizations, one of the key functions of the IAAC is to estimate the corruption index of Mongolia by conducting studies on forms, scope and causes of corruption with the assistance of the public and experts and publish the results. Corruption Index studies for 2013 were conducted according to an approved methodology, index was estimated and Report has been issued.

Corruption Index of Mongolia for 2013 was 0.65- by 0.02 points higher than the 2011 index. Such positive increase in the index is an indication that level of corruption in Mongolia has declined during 2012-2013.

The participants of this study named strong political influence, poor implementation of legislation, conflict of interest, and poor access to public services and lack of independent monitoring to be the key causes leading to corruption in Mongolia.

Data collection for Corruption Index Survey was organized at nationwide level in cooperation with the NSO. The study aimed to identify the scope, form and cause of corruption based on perception of parties as well as actual figures and numbers. Therefore, we hope that the survey results will be widely used by policy makers, decision makers and users of all levels.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the great contributions of those who were involved in organizing the survey, processing the data and preparing the report as well as the citizens, organizations and entities who shared valuable information by participating in the survey.


Авлигын индексийн 2013 оны судалгааны үр дүнгийн тайланг ЭНД ДАРЖ үзнэ үү.